Finding Meaning and Purpose in an Uncertain World

6 Month Individual or Group Coaching Program
This coaching program has been designed to help participants to find or reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose in life. It is particularly aimed at people who want to explore their sense of purpose in a number of different areas of life. If you are just wanting to focus on finding meaning in work, then the career coaching program may suit you better (or I can tailor something to suit your specific needs).
The process draws on current research into meaning and purpose and life. It is designed to help participants to become the architects of the next phase of their life. Participants will work to develop a strong sense of purpose, so that they are able to build a life that is rich, vital and emotionally rewarding.
It is an opportunity to reflect on who you are; who you want to be and what really matters to you. And then convert that reflection into meaningful action.
How does it work?
Participants are led through a series of activities to help them to explore their current level of meaning in different aspects of life. Participants will not only decide what their ‘ideal’ self would be like but will also learn psychological tools to help them to make any changes in their approach to life, relationships and work.During the program, participants will be given information from research on well being that will help them to ensure that their individual road map is likely to create vitality, meaning and purpose as they move forward. So that they can start this phase of their life in a way that feels authentic and purposeful.
What does it involve?It is intended for this process to take place over a period of 5-6 months. This gradual approach is designed to significantly increase the long term positive impact of the program. The process has been designed so that positive changes should continue after the sessions with Rachel have been completed. The process involves a combination of workbooks; activities to foster personal reflection plus tailored 1:1 coaching sessions.
Here is one of the handouts for the process:
This program is also available as a group coaching process – with small group workshops and facilitation of group processes to support positive change.