I run sessions on the following topics:

Resilience, Happiness and Career Success

This half day workshop covers:

  • How to build emotional agility, so you don’t get so knocked around by stressful situations
  • The key behaviours that lead to not only resilience but also happiness and career success

Building Resilience, Navigating Change

This half day workshop helps participants to:

  • Respond quickly and effectively to changing, uncertain and unfamiliar situations
  • Perform under pressure
  • Maintain a sense of wellbeing
  • Decrease their risk of burn out
  • Increase their sense of purpose and vitality

Effective Communication

One of the reasons that humans dominate the world is that we are social creatures. We can work together to achieve amazing things (and sadly, terrible things too). Interestingly, some theorists believe that the main reason that humans need bigger brains compared with other animals is to enable us to manage the complexity of human communication.

Communicating effectively with others is really hard and really important. When we communicate well we build relationships and create opportunities to achieve what is important to us.  This session will unpack this core group of skills.

We will explore the art of delivering a message. Participants will learn how to

  • Clarify the purpose of their communication.
  • Focus on the other person’s wants and needs.
  • Become better at taking second position so that you can better observe how your communication impacts on others and how others interpret what you say.

We will explore effective listening skills

  • The power of being present when someone speaks.
  • How to ask good questions, demonstrate understanding and find out what is really going on.
  • When and how to show empathy.

Participants will learn how to become skilful at identifying and overcoming blocks to communication in themselves, the other person and the situation.

Understanding and Resolving Conflict

Humans can get used to a lot of unpleasant circumstances but we never get used to unresolved conflict with those around us. We find it stressful. It is draining. Being skilful at managing conflict can help us to become more effective at work. We get more collaboration from others and we waste less energy.

This session will help participants to understand the causes of conflict, so that they can develop meaningful solutions. Participants will learn skills to help them to:

  • Handle their own and the other person’s emotional response to the conflict more effectively
  • Get the best outcome for all concerned by focussing on identifying and solving the shared problem(s).
  • Explore how values can act as a compass to help to steer a path through the conflict
  • Remain flexible when the stakes are high, so that they can see and create opportunities for resolution.

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