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Negotiation Skills

However much you think negotiation is part of your life, you’re underestimating” (Walker, 2003)

Effective managers spend a lot of their time negotiating. From multimillion dollar deals with suppliers, to getting your direct reports to deliver projects on time. Any time you need other people to help you to reach an objective, you have to negotiate.

Nelson & Wheeler (2003) suggest that good negotiators are able to:

  1. Assert their interests and point of view
  2. Manage their emotions
  3. Understand the motivations and feelings of other parties
  4. Recognise and capitalize on opportunities to create value
  5. Establish their trustworthiness
  6. Deal with people who have different negotiating styles
  7. Get the maximum possible from the agreement
  8. Manage the negotiation process

These are complex skills. I teach negotiation skills and strategies on the MBA course at the Graduate School of Business, QUT and I also provide coaching and training on negotiation to corporate clients.