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What Senator Maxine Waters Can Teach Us About Career Change

US Senator Maxine Waters sparked an internet meme by staunchly and assertively repeating the phrase "reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time" I've written a blog post over at The Career Psychologist about what to do when people waste your time at work. You can read it...

How To Structure A Negotiation Conversation

Negotiation is a complex task, in a previous post, I explained how preparation is key to negotiation success. Wherever possible, before you have the conversation, spend some time preparing If the negotiation is complex or challenging, it is worth developing a clear...

How to Prepare for a Negotiation

Negotiation is a key skill for happiness and success. We negotiate every day, both at work and at home. We negotiate about deadlines and resources for our work. We negotiate how much we get paid. We negotiate with our loved ones about where we will live, what we will...

Getting Clear On What Kind of Coaching Conversation You Need

Working with a coach can be a very valuable experience. It can help you to develop both personally and professionally. But it can also be disappointing. I think that one of the causes of that disappointment is a lack of clarity about the type of conversation needed by...

Are You Willing to Pay the Price of Admission to Your Life?

In order to live a life that is meaningful, you have to be willing to feel pain. If you love deeply, at some point you will be hurt. If you open up enough to be vulnerable, at some point you will feel anxious. If you try to make a positive difference to the lives of...

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